Read more about the Revolutionary approach to thriving through divorce, separation and co-parenting.  It is a way to restructure your life and your family in an empowering, respectful way that meets the needs of all involved and brings peace to moments of turmoil. Family Law Lawyer.

Full Representation

Legal Representation in all aspects of your case – from start to finish.

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ShellyJohn We realize that divorce and separation experiences are stressful for you. We manage your legal case so you can tend to your family and other important responsibilities. Our Client and Process Focused approach emphasizes, Accessibility, Professionalism, and Passion. Accessible: Meeting your needs is our top priority.

● You will have direct contact with your attorney by telephone, email and office appointments. When the attorney is in Court, the knowledgeable and caring staff are happy to assist you.

● Attorney John will personally speak with you before and after your hearing so you always remain informed and have all of your questions answered.

● Attorney John is also available to speak with the other party’s attorney and professionals in the case which allows for smooth progression of settlement or trial preparation. Professional

● We know that respect in every aspect of your case will lead to more favorable results.

● Attorney John’s Client and Process Focused Approach means that at all times your long-term best interests are considered. Your case is analyzed from all perspectives – your children’s needs, your financial needs, and the “big picture” from your emotional/spiritual frame of reference.

● We have the skills to advocate for you through settlement negotiations and in Court without “ramping up” the emotions in a case which cause unnecessary legal fees. This talent combines Attorney John’s firm spirit with her friendly nature.

● We will regularly perform with you a cost/benefit analysis so that you can decide the most effective course of action for your dollars. Passionate

● We are passionate about you. Attorney John is a compassionate advocate who is enthusiastic about protecting children and creating a world that works for everyone. The strength of character she brings is reflected in all dealings from your first meeting, to settlement negotiations, through the courtroom, and in the way she motivates and reminds you that the quality of your life is about far more than just your current circumstance.

dreamstime_xs_21858128We manage your legal case so you can tend to your family and other important responsibilities. Full Service Family Law Firm Here to Help You and Your Family When involved in legal disputes such as divorce, child custody, support or post-Judgment matters, it is important to have a legal team who will Listen to Your Interests.  Working with clients to find creative solutions to various problems and integrating those into appropriate orders is paramount.  The needs of your children lead the course of action in custody and support cases as we strive to transition our clients from their intact family to a working co-parenting plan. We have services to meet the various needs of our clients including traditional legal representation, “Lawyer for a Day” (see Unbundled Legal Services), coaching, mediation and paralegal services.  Attorney Shelly John has 13 years of litigation and mediation experience and works with a team boasting more than 35 years of combined talent.  Beyond meeting your immediate needs for Orders and Resolution, Attorney John believes that these situations are an opportunity to transform your life.