It is my mission to educate people how to engage in the Family Law Revolution. Divorcing or separating people are engaged in every facet of life. They break down to their therapist, “I’m thinking about leaving but I don’t know where to start.” They express concern to their realtor who is selling the house, “I have another hearing and don’t even know what it’s about.” They speak of frustration to their accountant saying, “I can’t get ahold of my lawyer and I’ve spent sooo much money!” Their hair stylist follows the drama from month to month and they announce with exasperation, “I am so frustrated in this process and don’t know when I will ever be divorced!”

I call these professionals the “First Responders” in the Family Law Revolution. The First Responders are the professionals who serve people in their daily lives and who often are the first ones to whom someone confides. These people have the first opportunity to educate a divorcing or separating person about the options they have to accomplish the divorce and/or obtain custody, visitation and support orders.

I am on a mission to teach these First Responders about the Revolution; to teach them how to respond to the fear and frustrations expressed by their clients. I give the First Responders concise information they can provide to their valued clients about the processes for divorcing or obtaining orders related to the children in ways that do not destroy one another. I give them tips for how to help their clients select a legal option or professional who will meet their needs.

As a community service, I provide Lunch and Learn programs to these First Responders. I take lunch into the professional’s office and provide a 20-30 minute presentation about the Family Law Revolution, followed by a 10-20 minute question and answer period. I customize the presentation to the professional’s type of business and needs of their specific clientele. If you are, or know of, a group of professionals who would like to better learn how to meet the needs of their divorcing or separating clients, please contact Jodie at (909) 948-7488 or email  to learn more and schedule a date.