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How a New Child or Marriage May Affect Support

Law Office of Shelly Jean John Sept. 21, 2023

Many people are able to find a new lease on life and tremendous happiness after going through a divorce. Some of these new beginnings—like getting remarried or having a new baby—can have a wonderfully positive impact on a person’s life. But how does getting remarried or having another child affect things like spousal support or child support arrangements? These are important questions to answer. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to continue wondering when there is knowledgeable legal guidance available from an experienced family law attorney. I am dedicated to leading individuals and families through some of the most difficult periods of their lives and helping them pursue a brighter, more peaceful future. If you are in Ontario or Riverside, California, or anywhere throughout San Bernardino County or Riverside County, contact me at the Law Office of Shelly Jean John to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. 

Does Getting Remarried Affect Spousal Support? 

Many states (including California) end any legal obligation to pay spousal support when the individual receiving payment remarries, without the individual who pays support being required to file any additional motions to modify the previous spousal support order. 

It is important to note that if you are the individual paying support to your former spouse, your legal obligation to continue making payments does not end if you remarry—only if your former spouse (who receives spousal support from you) gets remarried. 

Does Getting Remarried Affect Child Support? 

In California, the court does not consider remarriage by either spouse to be grounds for ending child support payments. Though one spouse is getting remarried, there is technically no legal obligation for the new stepparent to financially support a child who is not theirs. 

If you are paying child support to a former spouse who is getting remarried and you wish to have your payments decreased or terminated, you will have to file a request with the court and provide reasons to back up your request. 

Does Having Another Child Affect Existing Child Support? 

Some individuals who are paying child support to a former spouse may think their payment amount will decrease if they remarry and/or have additional children they have to support. This is not the case. Voluntarily having more children is not considered a valid legal reason to petition the court to lower your child support payment amount. 

Why You Need Legal Guidance 

Matters involving alimony or child support are often stressful and complicated, particularly with so much emotion and history tied up in past relationships. It can sometimes be difficult to keep a clear head or make level-headed decisions when you’re dealing with situations that remind you of more painful times. By working with an experienced attorney for guidance in your family law issues, you can be sure you have a steady presence in your corner to help you understand the process and seek the outcome that is best for you and your family. 

Trust an Experienced Family Law Attorney 

You’ve worked too hard to create a happier situation for yourself and your children to risk becoming entangled in further legal frustrations. Rather than attempt to deal with things on your own, your best option is to trust a skilled family law attorney to lead you in the right direction. I have the experience and understanding to explain your options and help you seek a resolution to your situation.  

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