Legal Coaching Attorney in Ontario, California

For those of you who need assistance in the strategic planning of your case but do not have the resources to hire an attorney to represent you, Attorney Shelly John is available to serve as your “Coach.”  She will review any documents you provide to her, provide an overview of the Court system and assist you in developing a road-map for your case.  Attorney Shelly John is available to Coach you for:

Court by focussing the issues and facts that you wish to present to the Court at a hearing meditation by helping you figure out the parenting plan which you believe is best for your children and helping you to create an outline of important topics to cover during mediation.  San Bernardino and Riverside are “reporting counties” which means that the mediator will prepare a short report to the Judge containing impressions and recommendations. These reports are considered by the Judge, therefore, it is extremely important that you have a plan for how you will approach the mediation session. Settlement Conferences by helping you to analyze your Ultimate Goals and to create the parameters of a settlement proposal with consideration of your assets,  your debts and the incomes of you and the other party.