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The Family Law Revolution is a sea-change in the way people divorce, separate, and restructure their families. The Revolution is a paradigm shift in our thinking from a courtroom battle mentality where you tear the other person apart and everyone’s dirty laundry is put out for the world to see. Instead, mindsets are transformed and everyone collaborates to find effective solutions that work for everyone.
Instead, mindsets are transformed and everyone collaborates to find effective solutions that work for everyone.
The Family Law Revolution is a shift in perspective from blame to empowerment. Anger, frustration, and fear are acknowledged and addressed to make room for creative and effective ideas.

People engaged in the revolution feel empowered because the focus is on steps that person can take to effect change in any situation. Empowerment is derived from a shift in perspective so the person is not spending their precious life ruminating over a maddening co-parenting situation.

People who opt to Revolutionize their divorcing or separating experience find peace, assemble a toolbox of ways to resolve conflict with the other parent and provide peace for their children. These children are taught resilience and are more adaptable to fluctuating parenting styles.

The Family Law Revolution is brought to all areas of Family Law – Mediation, Litigation, Negotiations, and the Collaborative process.

When the Family Law Revolution is taken into the courtroom, everyone is treated respectfully. This civility changes the tone of the case from one of hostility and positioning, to one where the former couple wants to collaborate on a solution. People may arrive at court ready for battle, but tempers calm and minds open to creative solutions that serve the needs of each person and of any children involved. When the other person remains stuck in his/her positions, it is a steady push toward resolution, utilizing the court system.

The Family Law Revolution is not precluded by religion, ethnicity or same-sex relationships. People are met where they are and individualized solutions are crafted based upon the separating couples’ unique needs and design.


I am passionate about helping people and their children thrive through the divorce or separation process. This happens by focusing on needs and interests (not “positions”), addressing all facets of those needs (financial, physical, emotional and spiritual), shifting one’s perspective and opening the process to creative and collaborative ideas.

It is my mission to bring this Revolution to all of my cases and to educate “First Responder Professionals” so they can guide their clients through the early process of selecting a Family Law process and attorney. “First Responders” are the professionals who serve people in their daily lives and who often are the first ones to whom someone confides. It’s the therapist who hears “I’m thinking about leaving but I don’t know where to start;” the realtor who sells the house while their client breaks down with “I am so frustrated in this process and don’t know when I will ever be divorced!” It’s the accounting professional who is told, “I can’t get ahold of my lawyer and I’ve spent so much money!” Or the hairstylist who follows the client’s divorce drama and shares the client’s frustration when she says “I have another hearing and don’t even know what it’s about.”

I am on a mission to teach these First Responders about the Revolution. It is my goal that these First Responders will respond to their clients’ concerns with a brief explanation that there are options for how to go through the process; there are ways to select a legal option or professional who will meet their needs. Most importantly, I teach people how to empathize with their client’s process and not inflame the situation.

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If you are or know of a first responder who is open to learning about how to understand the perspective of a divorcing or separating client, and who want to learn how to talk to them about this Revolutionary approach, click here for more information.